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The information provided by you will be posted on Job Portals and Social Media websites Without your Name and other Contact details. Something similar to below image:

Skill Set Posting The purpose of this form is to fill the urgent vacant openings/positions at different companies by giving the broad idea about the skill set which available in the market. This is similar to any other Job Portals where you upload your details onto those portals and they sell your information to different employers/companies who are in need of fulfilling their current Job Openings.

Your contact details will be provided to genuine recruiters/employers only, this is NOT similar to any other Job Portal where they sell your information for further screening or validation, sometimes selling of other products also like Loans, Credit Cards etc.

Companies have to do a lot of screening before finalizing the candidate. We have the expertise to speed up that process

We May charge a small commission from the Recruiter/Employer for this service. This service is absolutely FREE for Job Seekers.

Talentnett Solutions and its affiliated companies make no warranties or representations, express or implied, on products/services offered through this platform. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses.