How to Convert Google Sheets Data to JSON Data API

This article explains how to convert Google Sheets Data to JSON Data API. You can convert Google Sheets data as a JSON API and use it as another front-end apps.

Google Sheets to JSON Data
Google Sheets to JSON
  • Step 1 – Create a new Google Sheets or open an existing one
  • Step 2 – Create data or table in any spreadsheet to be converted to JSON data
  • Step 3 – Open Script Editor – Tools>>Script Editor
  • Step 4 – Copy-paste the below code in the opened script file, change range and sheet name per your data

Google Script code to Convert Google Sheets Data to JSON Data:

function doGet() {

const ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName('Data');//change sheet name per your need
const dataRange = ss.getRange("A1").getDataRegion().getValues();
const headers = dataRange.shift(); 

const jsonDataArray = =>{
  let object = {};
  headers.forEach((head, i) => {
    object[head] = row[i];
  return object;

const res = [{status : 200, data:jsonDataArray}];

return ContentService

  • Step 5 – Click on Deploy (Blue button on the top right)
  • Step 6 – New Deployment>>WebApp
  • Step 7 – Enter Description>>Select who has access>>Deploy
  • Step 8 – Copy the URL>>Done
  • Step 9 – Paste the URL in the browser and Test the App
  • Now you are good to go and can use it as backend JSON data API.

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